Our Story

Hi, and welcome to Touching Peace. Our modest start-up company began its journey on July, 14th, 2018. Ever since that day, we have been working around-the-clock to find products that really stand out amongst the crowd and to provide our shoppers with an exceptional online shopping experience. We understand that shopping at the mall can turn out to be a huge nightmare. Driving around the parking lot for 30 minutes before a parking spot appears, long waits at the checkout counter, sales representatives who always seem to be M.I.A when you actually need their assistance with something. Our goal is to eliminate all of the unpleasantries associated with traditional brick and mortar locations. We are focused on providing a clean and simple to use interface that makes finding products that you love, so much easier.


Some of you may be wondering why we chose the name Touching Peace for our business, and that is a great question. It all started after a stressful summer day in the Big Apple, one of those days that seemed like everything that could go wrong, in fact, did go wrong. Because meditation has been so helpful in our personal lives, we decided to choose a name that pays homage to the Monks and Yogis who have practiced the art for thousands of years, plus, it seemed that almost every single name we could conjure up was already taken and we are not big fans of the whole lawsuit thing. Please feel free to contact us, Morning, Noon, or Night.